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'Enriching The Lives Of Children Through Soccer'


The mission of the Chicago KICS United Futbol Club (CKUFC) is to develop well-balanced, successful student athletes in a positive, encouraging environment that gives them the opportunity to participate with other athletes that have similar goals and capabilities. Of equal importance is that CKUFC will also challenge the athlete to undertake the type of life-skills training and acceptance of responsibility that will prepare them for success at the high school and college level.

Modeled after the European Academies, our intent is to train and produce elite soccer players that are capable of playing at the highest levels of the sport. Our program develops a natural progression of teaching techniques, which create instinctive solutions during a match.  The teaching and coaching methods instill a sense of pride, passion, skill and overall match understanding in players at all levels. 

Building the athlete’s soccer sense will go hand-in-hand with building their time management and study skills, while instilling in them the importance of giving back to their community and being a role model for those who will follow them.

It is our hope that a large proportion of these young athletes will pursue the sport through their teenage years and on into adult life. Our training sessions and programs will be challenging - ensuring that each player leaves our program with confidence, high self-esteem and most importantly, the kind of fun and enjoyable experiences that will build strong relationships within the team.


Our vision is to create a model soccer organization unique to Chicago, this Region and to America.  All activity is directed to the development for boys and girls at U8 to U19 age levels.

We have challenged our staff to meet these goals by:

  • Creating a club atmosphere that encompasses more than high quality soccer but also embraces the culture where family and teamwork is valued; where servicing the community, having fun and growing as a team player and leader is emphasized.
  • Creating a cohesive, inclusive environment that promotes personal and community growth, allowing our team to focus on gratitude and the benefits a successful team brings to our own lives.
  • Promoting an educational atmosphere for student athletes by providing a format for educational and social opportunities.  Our players and their parents will be exposed to people and places all over the world after they have finished their time with this program.  Soccer is an ideal way for our players and parents to see the U.S. and the world in a different light.  It will not be uncommon for our players and parents to develop relationships that last way beyond their playing years.



  • Displaying a positive attitude on and off the field
  • Everyone making the right decisions for the team
  • Have an unshakeable belief that we can achieve our target
  • Believe in the strength of the team
  • Always want more – always give more
  • Focus on our communication
  • Be demanding with yourself
  • Be fresh and prepared to win
  • Focus on being mentally stronger and always keep going until the end
  • When we play away from home, believe in our identity and play the soccer we love to play at home
  • Stick together
  • Stay grounded and humble as a player and as a person
  • Show the desire to win in all that you do
  • Enjoy and contribute to all that is special about being in a team – don’t takeit for granted

*The above is excerpted from Arsene Wenger’s motivational handout 

Travel Academy Season Info:

Season Program: Start Date End Date
Summer Travel Academy August 1 August 31
Fall Travel Academy September 1 November 15
Winter Travel Academy November 16 March 31
Spring Travel Academy April 1 July 31

For more information on Chicago KICS off-season Training Camps, click here

2008 S. Prairie Ave. Chicago, IL 60616