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What sets Chicago KICS United FC apart from other soccer clubs?

Chicago KICS United FC mission is to serve the youth players of Chicago with the best possible soccer education. We share your values and your desire that everything your child does teaches them how to improve themselves not only as a soccer player but as a person. We focus on hard work, team work and dedication. 
We stress the 4 C’s - Composure, Confidence, Commitment and Community to all our players.
Once registered, all players have the choice to attend other team’s practices, free of charge. We wish to accelerate their development by allowing them to maximise their exposure with our professional coaches. In addition, we allow players to make up missed practices by practicing with another team close to their age level.

What does the registration fee pay for?

The registration fee pays for the professional coaching staff, the league costs, outdoor practice and game facilities, indoor training facilities, equipment, tournaments and all operational and overhead costs.

Do all soccer clubs include the same items in their fees?

No, each club may have a different list of items that they include.  Winter training and leagues vary by club, tournaments vary by club.  Players should compare the detailed items include in their base fees and determine the additional costs when comparing clubs.

Who selects the teams after tryouts?

One of the roles of the paid professional coaching staff is to select the teams. Team Managers do not participate in the team selection process.

What is the role of the professional coach?

The coach is responsible for selecting the teams, running practices, game strategy, game substitution and player development.

What is the role of the Team Manager?

The primary role of the Team Manager manager is communication.  They will send information on practices, games, club communication, coordinate tournament information and assist the professional coach.

Are parent managers allowed on the coaching sideline during games?

Team Managers are not allowed on the coaching sideline. However, Team Managers may be present to assist in coaching where they have received the appropriate certification from the IYSA (Youth Module, F, E or D license) and demonstrate that they are qualified in terms of having a soccer background (prior playing and/or coaching experience).  As an assistant coach, they may assist the professional coach at practices and on the sideline during games by taking care of injuries to players and being an extra set of eyes and ears.  Assistant coaches are not permitted to coach or perform substitutions except in the case of emergencies where a professional coach cannot make it to the game at the last minute.  If the team’s professional coach cannot be at a game, Chicago KICS United will always try to have a substitute professional coach cover for the team’s professional coach.

What is the refund policy?

We offer no refunds after registration. Except under extraordinary circumstances, partial credits will only be considered for season ending injuries. KICS must be informed of the injury within 7 days of it occurring to be considered. Please remember that your child may be taking a spot on the team from another player. Also, the club budget is based on a certain number of players for each team.  If refunds were allowed, the cost to all players would need to be increased to cover the budget shortfall.

For KICS Travel Academy players, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spots in the academy prior to registration. This is non-refundable with no exceptions.

Player Release

How is Financial Assistance awarded?

Financial assistance is awarded based on family income, but we also take into account recent job loss, a family’s assets and liabilities, and extraordinary expenses such as health care.


Do you have to play in Chicago to participate in the Travel program?

No, players may be selected from all locations; however, they will train in Chicago.

With multiple teams at the same age, do you expect them to play each other?

Age groups will be used in a number of different ways to enhance player development. Teams could be mixed to play, have small sided games, and may play each other if is beneficial.

Does Chicago KICS United FC discourage playing high school soccer? Is there a year round option?

Players are not discouraged to play high school soccer as we fully support players' individual decisions. Chicago KICS United FC continues to offer its travel program as an alternative to high school soccer.

Where does Chicago KICS United FC operate training?

Players practice in Chicago (see practice field locations)

Are players required to purchase and wear all uniform items?

Each player is expected to purchase the uniform package specific for their age group. At all practices and games the specified uniform is required to be worn.

How much are membership fees?

When players register for tryouts, fee information is sent to them through the club electronic system. Current players receive their invite to pre-register with fee structures in the middle of the spring season. Membership fees differ by age group.

Who is the webmaster to add, edit or correct information?

Brian Pohl manages the website.  Brian is the project manager and oversees the website content and all club social media content.

Where are team and club schedules posted?

Club, team and player schedules are posted within the "My Team Info". 

When does the soccer season start?

The soccer year usually starts the last week in August; the high school girls typically commence a week prior. High school boys generally return to the club around the second week in November.

When does the soccer year finish?

For most players, the soccer year usually finishes around the second weekend in June. Regional and National tournaments is played in late June; players selected for these rosters will continue to play into July.

What is the "My Team Info"?

The 'My Team Info' is an online tool available to all players and families so that they have up to date information on club or player logistics. It can be displayed in several different formats; player age group, individual staff member or by location. The info is then broken down further into specific rostered events.

I need tournament information, who should I contact?

If you are looking for sponsorship, vendor or general tournament information please contact Scott Hanlon (

Program Info

How are teams formed?

Teams will be formed within a player’s age group through a selection/evaluation process.

Do teams train alone, with a pool of players or with another age group?

Teams train side by side of each other within age groups.

Will my team be pooled with any other teams?

Teams are formed in age groups. Age groups practice at the same time and location; respecting an element of training with player ability, it is possible they would be pooled together from time to time.

How many days per week will my team train during the outdoor season?

U8-U19 teams will train 3 times per week outdoors of which 2 practices are manditory and the 3rd optional.

How many days per week will my team train during the indoor season?

U8-U19 teams will train 2 times per week indoor, depending on time of year.

Can my child train with other/older teams within the club?

Yes, with the directors and coaches approval.

Can girls choose to train with boys?

Yes, with the directors and coaches approval.

Do you have set roster sizes for different age groups?


How does Chicago KICS United FC assure that all teams get the same training quality of training across all teams?

The technical advisory committee has an educational piece that all coaches will partake in to have a consistent KICS concept. Coaches will meet on weekly basis to exchange ideas and methods to implement this concept.

How are coaches assigned to teams?

Coaches are assigned within a block of age groups. When you try out you will be told who the coaches are within that age group.

Does Chicago KICS United FC run a summer program?

Yes, upto 5 weeks of skills training camps are usually designated for the summer program that involves pickup games, scrimmages, skills training and conditioning.

What type of goalkeeping program is offered?

Goalkeepers (GK) have a chance to practice 2 times a week depending on season and schedules. There are usually upto 2 GK specific sessions a week in addition to team trainings. GK coaches provide individual performance and development evaluations. Staff members discuss individual training and college recruitment plans to aid each GK.


How do players tryout?

In order to tryout, players (parents) must apply by creating an account on our online system; then register for an available time and date that coordinates to their age group. Once registered, players will participate and be evaluated alongside current KICS United members. When the tryout is completed, certain players are selected by staff to join the age group.

Do I have to tryout every year?

Current Chicago KICS United FC players do not have to tryout every year. Instead, we constantly evaluate our players throughout the year. Their place in the club as a member is available every year.

Where do I find tryout dates?

Tryout dates can be found on the Tryout Dates section of the website.

Where are tryouts held?

Tryouts are held at our training location in Chicago (see field locations). Specific location details will be available when you register for your tryout.

What should I bring to a tryout?

Each player should bring their tryout receipt that is received after registering, water and their own soccer ball; depending on the weather they should dress appropriately. 

How do I find out my tryout results?

Players will be contacted via email after the tryout has been completed; in some cases the player may be invited back to make sure the group that they will be training with is a good fit. Unfortunately, due to current player practices, coach's schedules and the number of players trying out each night, we cannot individually speak to all families on the same night.

If I had a successful tryout, what next?

Families should register with the club, make their deposit and submit appropriate paperwork as soon as possible. By doing so, this will secure their offered position. Coaches will then be in contact with registered players and communicate the upcoming practice schedule.

What are the membership fees after tryout?

After registering for a tryout you will be emailed a printout of the membership fees with instructions and options for payment.

Can I tryout at any time during the year?

Players can tryout at any time during the soccer year and join the club; however, players that are currently registered with other US Club or IYSA programs will have to have signed permission to do so. Tryouts for the following soccer year usually commence in the spring season.  

Can I tryout with friends?

Players can tryout with friends by signing up for a tryout on the same date and time; all players will be individually evaluated.


Refund Policy

All camps are subject to a $20 non-refundable booking fee. There are no refunds unless for a medical emergency (requires signed medical note from your doctor, including contact information).


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