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KICS Development Program "KDP" (5U-12U)

New KDP Format!


All coaches across the program are licensed, professionally trained and have completed a background check.


Following the USSF curriculum all training is dynamic and age specific.


Weekly game day experience, teams will participate in the KICS Community League.


Four away games on Sunday mornings exclusive to 7U - 8U players. Opponents are local like-minded clubs.

What is KDP?

KDP is short for KICS Development Program.

KDP Goals

KDP introduces players to professional coaching and organized training. The licensed trainers from KICS will provide fun, age-appropriate, technical and skill-based instruction that will prepare players for competitive play with our KICS Select Academy (traveling) teams.

KDP Age Groups

KDP is open enrollment to all players 5U-12U (see age chart below).

KDP Values

Personal Growth:  It’s not where you start, it’s how you progress. We welcome any player interested in working hard to improve their game and develop their skills.

Holistic Approach: Soccer is the engine to learn self-discipline, respect, success and failure.

Teamwork: Becoming a part of something bigger than one’s self. Learning to encourage, support and respect teammates and the game.

Age Chart

KDP Juniors

Age Groups: 5U-6U

1 Practice & 1 Game Per Week


KDP Pre-Select Academy

Age Groups: 7U-8U

2 Practices & 1 Game Per Week

4 Away Day Festivals

KDP Pre-Select Academy

Age Groups: 9U-12U

2 Practices & 1 Game Per Week


KDP Juniors (5U-6U)

Age Group Birth Year
5U (5 & Under) 2014
6U (6 & Under) 2013

KDP Pre-Select Academy (7U-8U)

Age Group Birth Year
7U (7 & Under) 2012
8U (8 & Under) 2011

KDP Pre-Select Academy (9U-12U)

Age Group Birth Year
9U (9 & Under) 2010
10U (10 & Under) 2009
11U (11 & Under) 2008
12U (12 & Under) 2007

Roster Placement & Player Assessment

At the first session of the season players will go through a skill based practice with the KDP coaching staff. During this session coaches will assess players on the criteria below. Following the first session you will receive an email with you player's group placement. Each group will fall in to one of the KDP level classifications detailed below.

Throughout the season players will be evaluated. Mid-way through the season players will be re-classified according to their current level of assessment to ensure they are in a group matching their skill level where they can best develop and be challenged.

Player Assessment

Roster Placement will be based on four key principles: effort, ability, attitude and attendance during the Pre-Season practice.

Players will be continually re-evaluated during Week 1-4 for Group Placement adjustments starting on Week 5.

KDP Level Classification

Group Description Assessment
Platinum Advanced Player Platinum groups will take an advanced approach to the season curriculum. Players will be expected to learn at a fast pace. Platinum groups at the end of the season should be equipped to join a Select Academy team for the following season. 
Gold Competitive Player Gold groups will emphasize mastering their skills. Players will be introduced to a more intense and focused practice environment as they start to perfect their technical abilities and learn to apply them to different situations on the field.
Silver Developmental Player Silver groups will work hard to develop their individual technical skills. They will use their good technical base to take their abilities to the next level.
Bronze Beginner Player Bronze groups will start at a beginner level and will work through the curriculum at a pace that will give each player the opportunity to learn how to play the right way. This gives players a great base to then build their technical abilities and confidence.

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