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KDP Skills Institute (5U-10U) - Register for Spring!

Weekly Skills Clinics


All coaches across the program are licensed, professionally trained and have completed a background check.


Following the USSF curriculum all training is dynamic and age specific.


Multiple locations strategically placed throughout Chicago with a goal to have a location nearby to you!

What is the KDP Skills Institute?

KDP is short for KICS Development Program. The KDP Skills Institute is designed to promote individual technical development and, by consequence, the focus during these sessions is on the development of individual ball control, skill moves, and on ball confidence.   

Consisting of one session per week on Saturday/Sunday mornings, the Skills Institute's set curriculum is facilitated by professionally licensed KICS coaches with a priority on the progression of skill development.  Each session is designed to give players' opportunities to master skills through non-pressured, pressured, and game like scenarios in each succeeding activity.   

Sessions are one hour and fifteen minutes, of which, fifty minutes are designated to training and twenty five to scrimmage. 

KDP Skills Institute Goals


The KDP Skills Institute aims to provide players space in which to hone their skills with professional and licensed coaches.  Individual technical development, on ball confidence, and an increased proficiency in situational analyses are foundational to the curriculum of the program.  In that vein, these clinics will prepare players for competitive play in the KICS Select Academy in an instructive and player focused environment.  

KDP Skills Practice Structure

All Skills Institute Sessions consist of 35 minutes of practice, and 25 minutes of scrimmage. 

KDP Skills Institute Values

Personal Growth:  It’s not where you start, it’s how you progress. We welcome any player interested in working hard to improve their game and develop their skills.

Holistic Approach: Soccer is the engine to learn self-discipline, respect, success and failure.

Ben Galvez

Ben Galvez

KDP Skills Institute Director

Phone: (312)-489-8751

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2008 S. Prairie Ave. Chicago, IL 60616