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KICS Toddler Classes (3-4U Age Groups)

What Is KICS Toddlers?

KICS Toddlers introduces the game of soccer to your active 3U-4U (3 & Under & 4 & Under) year old in a fun, positive and structured environment while allowing the parent to be involved with the child’s growth and participation. 

Participation in the KICS Toddler program includes 7+ instructional classes with a fun, experienced coach and a jersey. Parents are required to actively participate in the class to create the best learning experience for the players.

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Age Group 3U (3 & Under) 4U (4 & Under)
Birth Year 2016 2015

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Class Package Early Bird On/Before 6/30 Standard After/On 7/1
5 Classes $99 $120
7 Classes $119 $140

KICS Toddler Curriculum

The KICS Toddlers is about play, fun and making friends. This age specific program is an introduction to soccer, based around a fun-filled environment of games. 

The curriculum is based around child development, where coaches and parents work together to progress the players physical, social and mental skills. The toddlers will experience a fun soccer setting, continuing to learn basic skills that will allow them to grow as a player.

Goal & Values

To create a fun and comfortable environment where coach and parents work together to let toddlers explore and discover all the fun soccer has to offer.            


  • Fun:
    Toddlers want to have fun in their own way. We make the practices fun and friendly to keep the kids coming back for more!
  • Age Appropriate Expectations:
    Knowing how toddlers think and behave is vital to form proper expectations in what they can achieve.  Our games are designed to meet the kids at their level.
  • Consistency:
    From class structure to parent involvement, kids succeed best when coaches and parents provide consistent, positive reinforcement and redirection.
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See KICS Toddlers Photos:

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