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Tryout Information & Application

Join the KICS Travel Academy

We welcome all players to tryout for the Travel Academy (8U-19U teams). The tryout itself is a chance for the club to evaluate the player and is the only time the player will have to tryout for the Travel Academy program. Once accepted and registered the player has a home with the KICS Travel Academy program.

Please read the following information regarding the club's tryout process for new players.
Returning Players do not tryout unless approved by coaching staff.

Heather Breems

Heather Breems


Phone: +1 (773) 383-3331

2020/21 Open Club Tryouts (May, 2020)

Date(s) determined player birth year

2020/21 Open Tryouts - New Players Only

To tryout for our club, players must pay a $20.00 tryout fee, paid online anytime between now and your first tryout date listed for your players birth year.

The Fee Includes:
(1) The Tryout Session/Evaluation
(2) T-Shirt (to be used for tryout days)

On-site walk-ups will be $40.00 cash or credit card

Tryout Result
Upon selection notice from the coaching staff, players must confirm roster spots within 48 hours of receiving our offer. In order to secure the roster position, players must pay a non-refundable $200.00. This amount is mandatory and considered your 1st payment towards your 2020/21 club fees, regardless of your tuition.

2020-21 Season Age Chart Birth Year
8U (Age 8 & Under) 2013+
9U (Age 9 & Under) 2012
10U (Age 10 & Under) 2011
11U (Age 11 & Under) 2010
12U (Age 12 & Under) 2009
13U (Age 13 & Under) 2008
14U (Age 14 & Under) 2007
15U (Age 15 & Under) 2006
16U (Age 16 & Under) 2005
17U (Age 17 & Under) 2004
18U (Age 18 & Under) 2003
19U (Age 19 & Under) 2002

How to Sign Up for a Tryout?

Online Registration is required for all players wishing to become members of the Chicago KICS United FC Travel Academy. Once you have submitted your application, please bring the receipt to your tryout.

The cost is $20.00 (8U-19U age groups) and you will receive a KICS Tryout Jersey upon arrival (which you will be able to keep).

There are two ways you can tryout:

  1. Open and/or Supplementary Tryouts (Upcoming Dates in May, 2020)
    Open and/or supplementary tryouts are available to players of all ages, ability and gender and are on specific dates of the year in big groups of other tryoutee's. Open tryouts are for forming new teams in the next upcoming seasons.
  2. Practice Tryout
    Practice tryouts are available to players at any point in the year. However, rather being a set date and in a big group of our tryoutee's (Open/Supplementary Tryouts), players are invited to join a practice with one of our current Travel Academy teams for assessment. Practice tryouts are for players looking to play in the current competitive season (pending a coaches assessment and acceptance on the team via this practice tryout).

Open and/or Supplementary Tryouts Eligibility:

Upcoming Open and/or Supplementary Tryouts are available for the following:

  • KICS Development Program "KDP" Players
  • KICS Community League Players
  • Non-KICS affiliated Players

Practice Tryout

Practice tryouts are available to players at any point in the year. To apply, please fill out the tryout application (above) and we will be in contact with you shortly after receiving it. Your son/daughter will be invited to a practice with our current players in the Travel Academy Teams for assessment. If accepted, you will be offered a roster spot for the current 2019-20 season (August, 2019 though to July 2020).

*Important Note: To practice tryout, players must be non-registered members of any US Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer organization in the current 2019-20 season.

After The Tryout?

Once you have registered for your tryout, you will receive information regarding your tryout date by email. 

Players trying out will be invited to attend a practice with the current KICS Travel Academy players. Players will be asked and required to attend one of the dates given to you by email.

Players who are successful in tryouts will be contacted directly by email shortly after your tryout.

Tryout FAQ


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